The Benefits of Using Window Blinds


If you don’t like the idea of curtains fluttering in your face every time you pass a window, or the thought of washing dozens of heavy, brocade cloth curtains, and Blinds are your perfect solutions. On the website,, a survey says that more and more people are beginning to prefer the clean lines and modern sleekness of blinds over the whimsical flap of curtains. Adding window blinds to a room is the perfect way to dress it up. Because so many types are now available on the market, many people often get confused on which sort of blinds to buy.

While curtains are arguably available in a variety of colors and styles, the recent years have seen the rise of a huge range of blinds as well. There are available in many different patterns, styles and materials. There are blinds to suit every room, from the smallest office to large sweeping balconies. Unusual materials like bamboo wood, jute and grey ash wood make great statement pieces to an otherwise dull wall. If original wooden blinds are not to your taste, there are also faux wooden blinds made out of textured plastic. Other options include metal, fiberglass, plastic, cloth and much more to create a truly unique look for your space.

There is another important aspect to having blinds – controlling light. Window blinds are designed to block pollution and allow light into the room. For curtains to do the same thing would require two or more pairs in order to let through or block the right amount of light. With blinds, it’s simply a matter of tilting the blind to let in the required light. When the blinds are closed, they can be as dark as blackout curtains, helping you sleep better at night. Similarly, they can be used to create a semi-dark atmosphere during high noon. Privacy blinds are great for busy places that get a lot of foot traffic. These blinds control privacy by allowing light to enter at an angle, while still blocking your view from other people.

For people who are too busy to clean or despise cleaning, blinds are the better option. A wet cloth will remove all the dust and debris that collects on the blades without any hassle. If your blinds have been placed near a cooking range, where it might get splattered with oil and become sticky, wiping it with oil won’t be as effective. The solution is simple – just remove the blinds, soak it in some soapy water and hang them up again. They will air dry very quickly and remain clean.

Window blinds are an investment that lasts until you take them down. They last longer than curtains and do not tear or stain like a curtain. If they are made of materials like wood or plastic, they will probably never need damage control of any sort. They do not require any assembly of rods or holders other than the ones they are attached to, making them easier to install. Match the style of your blinds to the theme of your room and be the proud owner of a beautifully updated home.

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