Tips To Avoid DUI During Holidays


The holiday season is the time when people eat, drink, make merry and also have a higher chance of getting a DUI. As people tend to drink more during this season, the number of fatalities in driving-related accidents is more. By avoiding a dui, you can avoid becoming a part of the statistics as mentioned here Below are a few tips to prevent DUI during the holidays and enjoy them without facing the trouble of drunk driving.

No driving if you have been drinking: Everyone knows this, but very few implement this rule. No hack that you found on the internet or elsewhere will work and allow you to go home safely driving a car. Using those tricks, you may be able to dodge the device as the accuracy varies and it may show that you are within permissible limits to drive, by driving you are risking your life. Moreover, you may get a DUI and be arrested even if you are within the limit and is affected by alcohol. The best trick that you can do is not to drive if you are drunk, even if it is only one small drink.

Drink within the legal limit: The blood alcohol content limit where you can drive varies in different states. Some states have laws where you can get arrested even if your alcohol intake is within the limit especially if you are involved in an accident. In such cases, the police will testify that due to the influence of your driving capabilities were impaired and hence the crash. The way you can keep your BAC down is to eat; the food will aid in digesting the alcohol. The BAC is calculated based on your weight and ensure you manage your intake. Another thing to do is to stop drinking a few hours before you drive as this helps control the BAC.

Be extra safe while driving after drinking: It is an absolute no to drive after alcohol consumption, but in case you have to drive do so safely. You need to be extra cautious while driving and ensure you do not violate any rules. Be attentive, do not chat, text or operate the stereo system while driving.

Call a cab: Even if your home is close by, hire a taxi and reach home. If you have a friend who can drive you back, it’s best to call and ask for a ride rather than drive after drinking alcohol. Hiring a cab is much cheaper than paying for the DUI.

Book a hotel: When you are partying, booking a hotel close by or staying with a friend who lives near the party venue is the best way to avoid complications of a DUI. You can savor the party without having to bother about driving back home drunk. Often, people think that they have not had many drinks and are still sober to drive which is a mistake which can be dangerous. If you do not want to stay back the least, you can arrange for a driver to take you back home safely and avoid a DUI or worst jail time.